Our Team

Photography: the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

Erica Payne-


That maybe the definition of photography but a photographer is much more than just the person taking pictures.

A true photographer is defined by their ability to control light and create an image that speaks without words. Our photography is timeless because it is not just a photograph … it’s art. And our photos won’t be seen years from now feeling “dated’, because every element of the photos is placed there to create the story of that moment in time.

Styling is a key element I use in designing sessions. You’ll never have to worry about your photos looking cliche. Photos should have life. My job is to tell viewer a story about a moment, and a glimmer of that moment is left behind in each frame.
After completing college and receiving my B.F.A. in Photography/Graphic Design I began working in commercial photography specializing in editorial & product. Having a commercial background allows me to bring the pre-planning and production process over into my portraits. This is what allows me to create the unique and expressive high polished final product.

The Crew


Linda Vias
Production Manager

Linda is a master of time and details. She makes sure that you have everything you need for your session and ensures that we stay on schedule.

Posh Chic-ep photography- larhonda minor-Edit.jpg

Larhonda Minor
Atlanta Contact

 As our Atlanta contact, LaRhonda will help your story come to life. Cause of her keen eye and love for great art she started her company Posh Chic Events. Creativity and in her focus creating sets are a few of her skills that help us create your statement.


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