May 20th


nat·u·ral beau·ty

1. existing in or caused by nature
2. a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.



Hello Queens! 

It's time to be photographed as as the queens you are.  Come join us for a session that's designed to showcase all your African Beauty. Published photographer Erica Payne will be photographing you, and we will have the famous makeup artist Tashi McDonald there to create looks that could grace the runways. If you need styling tips visit June at African Pride and Jewelry.  And to complete your look don't forget your head wraps from Ancestral Regal Wraps.
And for your natural hair style looks don't forget to schedule with Loc’d and Lay’D Hair Studio, here stylist are ready to create the perfect look for you.  
Come and allow us to capture your Natural Beauty!


About the photographer:

Erica Payne is an award winning and published photographer based out of Austin, Tx.  Her work can be seen in several publications in the U.S. and International.  She specialized in Editorial portraits the not only tell a story but make a statement.  Her use of color and lighting create portraits that lift off the page and are instantly brought to life.  Her unique editing process giver her prints life. She works with her models to make sure their essence is captured and never stiff and boring photos. 

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