Home Birth Photography Experience {Austin, Tx Newborn Photographer}

My first time photographing a home birth

Recently one of my friends was due to have her fourth child at home and I asked if I could photograph the birth.  This was my first experience with a home birth. Normally I photograph them before or within two weeks of them arriving.  Newborn photography is very different from birth photography.  After photographing the birth I truly realized how demanding birth photography could be to a photographer, even after having worked as an editorial photographer.  Since she lived all the way across town I had to judge when to head out (and to factor in traffic if it was during rush hour).  Normally she had fast labor but this little girl must had known she was going to be photographed and wanted to wait till we had soft light in the room!  Auntie La'arni fried up lumpia while the room was filled with family and friends. Dad was away out of town but tuned in using Skype. (technology is soo cool)  A totally different experience from my births in a hospital. Could I become an birth photographer.....probably later on.  But right now with a baby at home and the flexibility a birth photographer must have I won't be adding it to my list.  Not that I won't take those opportunities every now and then that might pop up.  I'll have to stick to Newborn Photography until I have older children. 

This mom has added another baby (boy) to the family and I have also (girl). Looks like being a birth photographer will have to wait a little longer.