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Create, Capture, and Preserve

A photo is worth 1000 words then it's important your photos say the right thing about you.  At EP Photography we specialize in creating beautiful custom imagery. Our artwork tells a story with rich vivid color and wide tonal range black and whites.   




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About Me

Photographer: Erica Payne

Photographer: Erica Payne

HELLO, My Name is: ERica

I started shooting at the age of six and continued throughout high school.  After completing college and receiving my B.F.A. in Photography/Graphic Design I began shooting commercial photography specializing in editorial, product and musicians.  I love bringing my modern commercial style over into my portraits and creating unique artwork. 


Our goal is to bring our clients higher end photography and quality products.  By having a commercial background, we bring a commercial feel to all our sessions.  Producing artwork for you walls that could grace the cover of magazines. 


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It takes light to create a photograph: but it takes vision, knowledge and talent to create true artwork.
— erica- photographer

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