EP--UP! All nite....gotta give it 2 da writers

I was supposed to post some of the newer photos I've been working on, but it started storming soo I turned off my pc. (I have a backup battery but 3 power supplies, 2 pcs, and restore later...I've learned my lesson). So since I'm up..I've decided 2 post what I've been doing using this really nice BB app. Recently I was emailed by a future mama about having maternity pics done. Well she turns out 2 be a journalist, and has an AWESOME blog. (Check it out:Baby Making Machine)

The graphic designer in me LOVES the layout. Between the font, color choices, layout, and illustrations .....this blog is on point!

And then of course there's the content...AWESOME! Reminded me of a fellow twitter photographer who is also a journalist. (trudy's site

As a photographer I'm always impressed with good writers. what people don't know is...some photographers have 2 be writers 2. We might shoot a photostory and submit it 2 the magazines...but our chances are increased of getting printed if we submit a story 2 go along with it.

Well... I'm not that person. Yup sorry folks....I can admit it. I guess I'm just not deep or that's prob why I take pictures. I take pictures that freeze time. Images you don't forget, not just snapshots. My goal is 2 get you interested in the subject, even if u have no RELATION 2 that subject. Even on regular portraits.....I want images that make anyone want 2 inquire about that person or persons in the photo (guess that's why I always get asked 'who's that?' by everyone). I don't want 2 write an article...hell while reading this you prob can't even remember what I said 3 sentences ago. (Bet u can name 3 images from one of my websites tho)

So anyways...I'm reading this blog thinking...I should do it! I. Should update my blog with the latest artist albumcover, last model shoot, or even that the tiny crocheted hat is in for the premie photoshoot I have coming up. Or even my portrait site is 80% done ( ep portraits) So I'm gonna stay on top of it and "tRY" 2 keep up w/my social media duties....just don't get mad if I speak in txt like I did in this post...its prob coming from my BB and its like an automatic reflex. LOL