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Our Vision

EP Photography is a custom portrait and commercial photography studio that specializes in creating photography that makes a statement and creating images that tell viewers a story. We achieve this by walking our clients/customers through our unique process where we design and refine details that create the "words" to your story.
Our commercial specialities include : Personal branding photos, Lifestyle photography, Food photography, Editorial photography, headshots and bloggers/social media influencer photography.

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Live forever

What do you want your photos to say to your future viewers about you?



We believe photography should be a full service experience. What that means to us is uncovering your story through creative partnership and detailed planning. Our clients look at fabulous photos in magazines and dream of creating their own similar experience. Our process begins by understanding what story our clients would like to tell.


There’s a lot of planning that takes place to create these photographs cause every element is important. Details in a photograph are like words in a book’s chapter, telling a story to the viewer. Since every element is important, we spend time during the planning process to ensure we bring your ideas to life. This is how exactly how commercial sessions operate and what we excel in. Bringing the commercial experience to anyone that desires it.

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We make the everyday extraordinary


A More complex type of photo session.

We offer three types of sessions: URBAN, MODERN, or CHIC.
Wether you are looking for family portraits, graduation, or even engagements we will work with you to tell your story by developing unique imagery using one of or signature styles.



URBAN: Simple and Chic

The Urban series is for the person who’s seeking a professional that understand how to make you look your best. Great portraits start by Connectioning with clients, and that’s what we excel in! Add in our expertise on lighting and posing to create a recipe so we capture the authentic you!



MODERN: Capture and Preserve

Editorial Lifestyle sessions are Windows in to everyday life. We bring all the little moments that create big lasting memories into one complete story. Capturing mundane moments that often become just fond memories living only in our minds.

After the session your artwork are placed in a beautiful custom album along with digital files along with a wall statement piece. So Gather your family together for a trip to the carnival or choose to record the typical nite in the home. You pick your time and activity and we do the rest!



CHIC: The Ultimate Photo Experience

Styled Signature series go from concept to creation. Featuring full service planning that includes a meeting to conceptualize ideals, custom product design and style team. During our brainstorming meeting we sculpt and define what statement you’ve always wanted to make. After designing the production starts. But like life, designs are ever evolving so don’t worry if we suddenly unleashed your creative juices and new ideals come along. We can incorporate them in. Let us immortalize your statement in the world.


Our Team

Photography: the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

Erica Payne-


That maybe the definition of photography but a photographer is much more than just the person taking pictures. A true photographer is defined by their ability to control light and create an image that speaks without words. Our photography is timeless because it is not just a photograph … it’s art. And our photos won’t be seen years from now feeling “dated’, because every element of the photos is placed there to create the story of that moment in time.

Since styling is an element I use in designing sessions you never have to worry about your photos looking outdated. I believe the time period should be part of the story. Telling the viewer a story about that time in history. I believe photos should have life. And a glimmer of that that persons life I should be left behind of the subject in each frame.. After completing college and receiving my B.F.A. in Photography/Graphic Design I began shooting commercial photography specializing in editorial, product. Having a commercial background allows me to bring that pre-planning and production process over into my portraits. This is what allows me to create the unique and expressive high polished final product.

The Crew


Linda Vias
office assistant

Austin,TxOffice and Photo Assistant. 
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Larhonda Minor
Atlanta Contact

 Owner of Posh Chic Events, an Makeup Artist and a degree in accounting, LaRhonda always preforms at top level.

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